Air France and KLM: not surfer friendly

Traveling with a surfboard is harder, every year. The airline companies are severely restricting surfer's right to fly with his belongings. This time, the problem is raised by Air France and KLM and their baggage policies.

Now, if you want to check-in a bag which is more than 158 cubic centimetres (height x length x width), you will have to pay €200, from Europe, or $200 from the United States, for a one way flight. In many cases, your surfboard will be more expensive than your personal flight ticket.

This also means that if you will have to pay €400 or $400 total, per checked bag, for your round trip, in addition to your ticket. This unfair play by the airline companies deeply affect professional surfers and riders who would like to go on vacations with surf, kite, wind and body boards.

The Air France-KLM group has registered revenues of 21 billion euros in 2010. If you're against these unfair traveling policies, sign the protest petition.

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