Mullaghmore Head: welcome to Ireland

Heavy, fast and hollow waves have been charged by the invitees of the first annual Billabong Monster Energy Mullaghmore Head, a big wave surfing contest held in County Sligo, Ireland. Benjamin Sanchis and Éric Rebière, from France, were the biggest winners after scoring incredible barrels.

Twenty-foot waves have been surfed in light offshore wind conditions. Richie Fitzgerald, Ireland's finest big wave rider, has partnered with Gabe Davies in Mullaghmore Head, a premier European surf spot.

This place is quite incredible and breaks over a shallow, left-hand reef break. It is only surfable on the high tide and produces outstanding heavy tubes. Watch the first video highlights.

Richie Fitzgerald and Gabe Davies placed third and fourth, in front of a massive crowd of surf fans."There were amazing waves today. Me and Gabe teamed up for the first time in three years. Everybody was charging unbelievable surfing and Gabe got the wave of the day, a super mental barrel. I got the wipe put of the day and it nearly blacked out the heaviest beating I have ever taken. I'm feeling very sore and bruised and my knee is screwed too", said Fitzgerald.

Richie Fitzgerald was the first surfer to ride the waves of the famous and secret "Prowlers" spot. The Billabong Monster Energy Mullaghmore Head is a tow-in event for advanced and experience surfers.


1st Open: Benjamin Sanchis and Éric Rebière (France)
2nd Open: Peter Conroy and Gyln Ovens (Ireland)
3rd Open: Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton (N. Ireland)
4th Open: Gabe Davies and Richie Fitzgerlad (Ireland)

1st Irish Division: Peter Conroy and Gyln Ovens (Ireland)
2nd Irish Division: Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton (N. Ireland)
3rd Irish Division: Gabe Davies and Richie Fitzgerlad (Ireland)
4th Irish Division: Mikee Hamilton and Dave Lavelle (Ireland)


Best wave: Gabe Davies
Best/Heaviest wipeout: Richie Ftizgerald
Best barrel: Al Mennie
Most radical turn: Barry Mottershead
Most committed: Shane O’Connor
Best pick-up (water patrol award): Lyndon Wake

August 3, 2016, was a day that surfers should never forget. For the first time in its long history, surfing was confirmed in the Olympic Games.

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