Crab Island and Doolin Point: another great wave under threat

The Doolin Point, one of the best waves in Europe, may be pumping world class rides for the last months. The local councilors voted unanimously in favor of a new pier at Doolin, in the Clare County, in Ireland.

The new construction will destroy the Doolin Point and Crab Island, two prime surfing destinations. In addition, surfer will be put in danger, as they will have to paddle from inside the pier, in the near future. Ferries and new currents will add extra difficulty to water sports.

The final conclusions of the wave modeling prove that the pier will have a deep impact in the quality of the wave. The 32 councilors know that, but decided to end surfing in the region.

The Doolin pier will be funded with EU support and the local environment will be largely affected when construction work begins within four to six months.

"I am very disappointed with this decision. A great deal of work was put into the West Coast Surf Club and ISA submission but it seems that the issues raised were ignored and brushed over. If this development is built as now proposed it would be a catastrophe", says Neil Cooney, surfer and member of the West Coast Surf Club.

The landmark of Irish surfing may disappear in the end of summer.

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