Pixrider: get addicted to it

Clement Levet, a 28 year-old Anglet surfer, has created Pixrider.com, a social network specially driven to surfers and their wave experiences. The French web designer thought of an internet platform that allows you to share, discover
and exchange sports experiences with riders from all around the planet.

In Pixrider.com, you can publish videos, surf sessions, trips you've made and all surfing-related footage. The site aims to attract surfers, industry professionals, beginners or experienced enthusiasts. But it’s also for photographers, journalists, brand managers, stores, shops and surf event organizers.

"The site was born of a discussion between friends, following an epic session at a Basque Country beach. After that exciting three hour session, the idea of creating a social network designed exclusively for surfers extreme sports enthusiasts came naturally", says Levet.

"We wanted a concept without any ephemeral 'status' alerts that pollute other social networks! The idea is to share real action, inside tips and the sensations taken out from our favourite sports, without any distracting passing mood updates", he adds.

Pixrider.com is translated into four languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. An application for iPhone is under development. All you have to do to test Pixrider is to register, begin following riders and to post, watch and share what you want.

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