The Wedge: fired up

The best surf spots in the world have been fired up, in the last weeks. A global birth of great swell has attracted thousands of weekly surfers to the most famous wave peaks around the planet.

In Newport Beach, the infamous "The Wedge" had more surfers and bodyboarders than a shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Waves reached the 15-foot range and the bigger ones were more like shore breaks. That's it, May 19th, thanks to a South Pacific swell.

There were TV stations, photographers, anonymous citizens and crazy wave riders out in the water. Of course, wipe outs stood as the main attraction for many in the beach, but the best surfed waves were really outstanding. Watch all the action.

"The Wedge" delivered long, deep and fast rides for those who could fine tune the best take-off zone. Surfers and bodyboarders were enjoying the surf, when suddenly a dolphin decided to show off its skills by scoring a huge aerial between waves.

With all the media madness around the beach, the footage proves that this was an historic day for one of the gnarliest surf spots in USA. The dolphin performance was filmed by John Minar, a local rider and photographer.

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