Smiling Spot: simple and beautiful

"Smiling Spot", by Juan Miguel Bonner from Uruguay, has won the International Surfing Association Skullcandy Video Contest. Over 30 videos from surfers in 10 countries were submitted in the first edition of the event. Watch the winning videos.

The most prestigious award, the Jury’s Selection, was made by a panel of editors of surfing webpages from five regions of the world, including Dave Gilovich, Bryan Dickerson, Alceu Toledo Junior, Ben Ey and Steve Pike.

The Silver award went to "Holler", by Andrew Matthews from USA, and the Bronze was awarded to "Surfing Into the Future and Other Clichés", a film by Agustín Piña from Uruguay. The most viewed video was "Shark Reppellent", by Tim Armstrong from New Zealand.

During a contest window of three months, amateurs and professional filmmakers created different stories explaining what a better surfing future means to them. There were jokes, serious videos, cartoons and environmentally conscious answers, with performances by surfers of all ages.

The video contest was created as part of the ISA's goal to improve the sport of surfing by pairing with Skullcandy to host a video contest.

Jury's Selection Gold Winner
"Smiling Spot" by Juan Miguel Bonner from Uruguay

Jury's Selection Silver
"Holler" by Andrew Matthews from USA

Jury's Selection Bronze
"Surfing Into the Future and Other Clichés" by Agustín Piña from Uruguay

Jury's Selection Copper
"Shark Reppellent" by Tim Armstrong from New Zealand

Most Viewed Video Gold
"Shark Reppellent" by Tim Armstrong from New Zealand

Most Viewed Video Silver
"A better surfing future" by Eric Kilpatrick from USA

Most Viewed Video Bronze
"Surf Evolution" by David Nascimento from Brazil

Most Viewed Video Copper
"Teahupo’o" by Poerani Wilson from Hawaii

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