Bundoran: Irish cream

The Irish town of Bundoran is preparing to debut the Quiksilver Expression Session, an attractive "Best Single Move Wins all" format that will be contested by UK and Ireland's finest progressive surfers.

Former top ASP European junior Jayce Robinson (Newquay, GBR), top ASP European Star tour competitor Alan Stokes (Newquay, GBR), Oli Damas (GBR), Irish charger Cain Kilcullan (IRL) and others will participate in the event.

"Ireland’s surf potential is well renowned and the Quiksilver Expression Session is a great opportunity to highlight local talenbted surfers as well as UK surfers in general. We are looking forward to the event and wish everyone gets great surf", says ASP European manager Greg Puget.

With nice weathers and consistent waves on the way, all seems to get into place for the first ever ASP Europe sanctioned event in Ireland, right in the Bundoran’s shores.

"Great Britain holds two of our biggest ASP Europe sanctioned events with Newquay and Thurso and adding a stop in Ireland means a lot to European surfing and the potential out there," Greg Puget added. "The expression session format always pushes athletes to go big and get their progressive style further. With the usual thousands of crowds attending the festival, it is a freat window for a surf exhibition."

Starting Friday, June 24, the Sea Sessions Surf & Music festival will run through to June 26, with a series of concerts and the Quiksilver Expression Session expected to set Bundoran on fire.

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