Mick Fanning: he invented the 'Heaven, I am good' claim

Whosays claiming waves isn't positive and cool? For some surfers claiming is the best way to congratulate themselves for a deep barreling ride. They're not looking for an extra point from the judges. They claim waves simply because they love surfing.

Our friends from Korduroy TV have compiled the best claim styles in the world of wave riding. Yes, in wave riding, because there are other water sports in which claiming is a part of the show.

Korduroy TV identified ten proper claim stereotypes. The "Should've Pulled in Claim", the "SUP Claim", the "Pro Soul Claim", the "Double Shaka Claim", the "Double Shotgun Claim", the "Longboard Claim", the "Look to Beach Claim", the "I Need Another 0.5 Points Claim", the "Mime Claim", the "Shellshock Claim" and the "No Claim". Watch them.

There are many ways of expressing the quality of your surfing. Andy Irons was known for throwing the most expressive and honest claims in the history of contests.

In the 2006 Billabong Pro Teahupoo, Irons threw the shotgun claim at Dean Morrison, his heat opponent, right after a last second ride. In the end, Andy came up a tenth of a point short and Ding won the heat.

Some say it was an unfair result and others think he shouldn't have claimed the wave, but the video soundtrack says it all. Claiming is the new cool.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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