Mick Fanning: slippery wave finish

Mick Fanning and Owen Wright are really cool surfers. More than extremely talented wave riders, they do have a great sense of humour.

This time, the Australian icons decided to meet the famous Wavegarden, an artificial wave pool prototype that is being developed in Donostia, San Sebastian, in the North of Spain.

The waves in Hossegor weren't good for the Quiksilver Pro France training, so the pair decided to battle each other in the man-made wave complex. This is a place where you press a button to get waves.

Snaps, cutbacks and even a mini-barrel were performed in the Wavegarden lefthander. The slippery ground floor was great to watch a few falls.

In the end, Owen Wright decided he had to deliver the title to his older mate. "I did it all. What do you want to know?", Fanning joked. "I was inspired. Good work", replied Wright.
Watch the entire artificial surfing session at Wavegarden.

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