Portugal: this country should be called Waveland

Portuguese surfers have been asked to participate in the most surf survey ever made in the country. Sponsored by a national telecommunications company, it features dozens of questions that can be directly or indirectly connected to the world of surfing.

How many times do you surf per week? How much money do you spend with surfing every year? Do you live far from your favourite spot? Do you prefer average uncrowded waves or perfect crowded rides? Are you a goofy or regular surfer?

The surf survey is available in Portuguese language and features more than 100 questions that can answered in 15 minutes. Surfers are invited to pick their favourite surf brand, their favourite surf magazine and surf news site.

The goal of the enquiry is to understand how many surfers are riding waves on a regular basis and what their standard behaviours are when it comes to shopping, traveling, eating and drinking, connecting with each other and general surf preferences.

What is surfing for the Portuguese riders? A sport, a form of art, a religion or a way to share what Nature has to offer? It is estimated that Portugal has more than 25.000 regular surfers in its approximately 943 km (586 miles) of coast line.

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