Hainan Island: China has surfing potential

Bells Beach and Hainan Island are going to host two new Star Series surfing events, in the first month of 2012. The Chiko Open launches Australasia’s surf season and the Hainan Classic will pump China, as a part of the Hainan Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival.

"We welcome these two new additions to the ASP Australasian Calendar," said ASP Australasia General Manager Dane Jordan. "As 1 and 4 Star events they provide an ideal grooming for surfers keen to climb the One World Rankings on the ASP World Tour and these inclusions add balance to ASP surfing in Australasia."

The Championship Moves presented by Chiko Open can utilise both the world famous Bells Beach and nearby Jan Juc and while Bells is famous as an Autumn, Winter and Spring location, history shows Summer and particularly January often enjoy great swells.

The Hainan Classic will be a landmark, particularly significant as it will be the first ever combined ASP and International Surfing Association (ISA) event.

"Two great organisations teaming together for the sport of surfing in an incredible location like China is extremely exciting – This will also be the first time high level men’s surfing showcases in China and we will combine our resources to ensure an amazing and historic event", says ISA president, Fernando Aguerre.

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