Kirra Point: simply perfect | Photo: Ray Manicarus

The Burleigh, Currumbin, Kirra and Snapper-Greenmount surf breaks will be Queensland's first National Surfing Reserves, in February 2012.

The Australian surf spots of the Gold Coast will join Maroubra, Angourie, Lennox, Crescent Head, Cronulla, Merewether, Killalea, North Narrabeen, Margaret River, Kalbarri and Manly in the list of protect surf breaks.

There are basic criteria for waves to be picked National Surfing Reserves. The quality of the waves, a place considered sacred by the local and national surfing community and long term usage of the beach and wave environment by local and national surfing community.

Burleigh the perennial site of major contests, Kirra the legendary screaming right; Currumbin another long more variable right and Snapper-Greenmount ala SuperBank, long long rights. Numerous excellent beach breaks, home of world champions and the Australian "capitol" of surfing - very worthy of NSR status. First nominated in 1992.

National Surfing Reserves are 'iconic' places of intrinsic environmental, heritage, sporting and cultural value to a nation. NSR embrace all peoples to enjoy, understand and protect special coastal environments of universal value to the surfing world. A Surfing Reserve does not attempt to exclude any user group.

There are nine NSR's in New South Wales, six are planned for Queensland, five for Western Australia.

Are you on a week-long beach holiday? Have you bought bodyboard for your kid? Smart move. Get ready to introduce your offspring to the waves easily and safely. It is going to be fun.

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