Praia do Norte: Nazaré is always pumping

It's green and it's on. The North Canyon Tow-In Trials are currently being surfed in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal, under the supervision of Garrett McNamara. The swell is solid and the geomorphological accident is working well with the winds.

Ramon Laureano and António Silva (Portugal), Paulo do Bairro and Pedro Monteiro (Portugal) CJ Macias and Hugo Vau (USA/Portugal), Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton (Irlanda/UK), Axi Muniain and Pablo Garcia (País Basco/Marrocos), Benjamin Sanchez and Eric Rebiere (França) will try to catch the best and biggest waves in order to secure a place in the 2012 Xtreme Waterman Challenge, which will be held in the last quarter of 2012.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese daily press has confirmed that Garrett McNamara has resigned with the Nazaré authorities for another three years of big waves challenges in the local coast.

The North Canyon Tow-In Trials are being broadcasted live online. The rules are simple: every member of the team has to surf, at least one wave, in the 45-minute heats. The maximum waves counting for the overall score is 10. The best three teams head into the final.

Garrett McNamara has surfed what is considered to be the biggest wave ever. The wave caught by McNamara is estimated to be about 90-100 feet (27-30 meters). Watch Garrett McNamara's big wave ride.

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