Christy Davis: he suffered a heart attack at Mavericks

A 66-year-old wave rider suffered a heart attack while taking on Mavericks, at Half Moon Bay, in California.

Christy Davis was enjoying a session at Mavericks with his friend, and cinematographer Grant Thompson was capturing the action from Curt Myers' jet ski.

Suddenly, he started feeling an acute pain on the left side of his chest where the canisters of his flotation vest are located.

Davis became worried and asked for help. A few friends joined him, as he paddled in keeping his head down and breathing steadily.

A few minutes later, the Half Moon Bay local made it around Mushroom Rock and finally got to the beach.

Christy Davis: the Mavericks veteran is ready to get back to the water

"When I got back to the house we called 911, and they immediately identified it as a serious situation and took me to the hospital pronto, lights and sirens and the works," Davis explained.

"They took me straight into surgery and put a stent in my heart, as my left anterior descending (LAD) artery was 100 percent blocked. The doctors say it was a serious heart attack and that if I was not in such good shape, I most likely would have died."

Christy Davis says that, because his LAD artery has been unblocked, his heart will have at least 20 percent more ability to process blood, so he plans to get back in the water next season.

He has been given clearance to go home and, according to the doctors, the damage caused by the heart attack is minimal, so he should be able to get back to Mavericks next season.

"I guess I have the dubious honor of being the first person to have a heart attack at Mavericks!" jokes the veteran Mavericks surfer.

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