Bantam Cruiser by Globe: only the skateboard is sold

The Californian skateboarding fever is back. With the colors of the 60's and 80's, the streets are being invaded by the new trend of the flat surfing days.

Meet Globe's Bantam Cruiser, a skateboard with a lifetime guarantee on the trucks that is surely not a toy. The innovative cruiser is quite simple and is made of a durable plastic component.

The Bantam Cruiser is already being tested in the hardest skate parks, on the streets and backyard pools and promises to transform all the grey cities of the world with its classic colors. Retro is the new chic.

The Bantam skateboard is strong and trucks are wider. The high grade 62mm/83a urethane wheels also promise stability and reaction to tricks and airs on vertical ramps.

Decks come in 7x24 heavy-duty molded plastic with S-Trac grip pattern and will definitely stand out in all available colors. Globe's Bantam Cruiser is available in a handful of colors. The problem is which one to pick first. Choose between the yellow, red, green, blue or black one, by clicking on each color.

Surfers now have another reason to keep busy out of the water. Watch the new Bantam Cruiser in action.

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