Surf crowd: there are waves for everyone | Photo: Surf Wonderland

Surfing policemen will be patrolling the surf spots of Duranbah and Snapper Rocks, in Australia, in an attempt to control and reduce surf rage incidents that have been spreading in the Gold Coast.

Dropping in is considered the main problem in Australia's most important and crowded surf breaks. Surf etiquette is one of the first things a surfer should follow through his entire surf life.

Respect in the line-up is the first step to a global stoke and mounted police will try to ensure every respect each other and gets respected in return. Respecting the local surfing community and the priorities in a wave peak are fundamental in popular spots, but there are still many riders who seem to forget it.

Beginners in surfing and bad mooded surfers should know that, one day, they will eventually suffer from lack of respect, out in the water. The Gold Coast surfing community is divided about the police patrol.

While disputes over priorities and waves may happen in ultra crowded and should be considered "normal", there are also surfers that keep a negative attitude in the water, overtime, and should be punished or kept away from the line-up.

Duranbah and Snapper Rocks are some of the most crowded surf spots in Australia. In a regular surfing day, there are surfers in the water way before sunrise and later in the afternoon, when it's already dark.

Surf rage is the opposite side of the spirit of surfing. Watch the worst scenes of beach fights because of waves.

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