Volcom Pipe Pro: the photo is ok, the surfer isn't

Chris Ward scored two deep Backdoor barrels to steal the show in the round of 96 of the 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro, in Hawaii. The Californian surfer grabbed the highest combined heat score of 19.00 out of a perfect 20, in spectacular classic 6-8 foot Pipeline.

Ward had the three other competitors combo'd and then managed to pull into a long left-hander at Pipe and ended the heat throwing away his third 9.0 ride.

The highest single wave of the day belonged to Costa Rica's Carlos Munoz, scoring the only perfect 10 of the event so far. He earned himself an extra $1,000 bonus in cash from Electric's "Perfect 10 Award". Other standout rides included Koa Smith with a 9.73, Gabriel Villaran with a 9.0, and Koa Rothman with a 8.93.

The east coast competitors put on a great showing today as well, with Nils Schweizer, and Balaram Stack both winning their heats in the round of 96 and Brett Barley advancing to the round of 96 even after getting an interference.

Other notable performances were Australian brothers Anthony and Stephen Walsh surfing in the same heat together and both advancing through to the round of 64.

There were some local Pipeline heavy hitters that unfortunately did not make their heats: Dave Wassel, Makua Rothman, Sunny Garcia, Kawai Lindo and Danny Fuller all fell just short of advancing to the next round.

August 3, 2016, was a day that surfers should never forget. For the first time in its long history, surfing was confirmed in the Olympic Games.

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