Flyboard by Zapata: he will tell you when the big sets are coming

Imagine a surf competition with judges in the water. Imagine someone who could warn you when bigger sets are coming in the horizon. Imagine surfing big waves a few feet away from the huge walls of water.

Zapata Racing has developed Flyboard, the ultimate personal propulsion jet ski system. The incredible water gadget allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Watch the Flyboard in action.

Flyboard is a futuristic personal watercraft (PWC) that was developed in the last 12 months. The technology allows anyone to fly high with the hand stabilization. The Zapata Racing developers says this is a very easy to learn experience.

"The nozzles under your feet ensure 90% of the propulsion and allows a movement which depends on the feet tilt of the flyboarder and the nozzles on the hands are used to ensure stabilization as ski poles", Zapata explains.

Basically, you'll need to find your balance and before becoming a "Flying Man" or "Dolphin Man". With an instructor, it's possible to enjoy a water flight in only 10 minutes, just like Segway.

The next version of Flyboard by Zapata Racing promises a unit that may allow sufficient water propulsion in order to substitute the PWC use.


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