European Surf Journal: Peter Sterling and his Nordic waves

Iceland, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. What do these countries have in common?

The answer is great surfing and "European Surf Journal", a surf movie filmed and directed by Peter Sterling. The surf odyssey visited 11 destinations where great waves meet great young and old surfers.

Sterling wanted to document the history and the legacy of European surfing , by knowing the pros and the locals, the stories and the myths of riding waves in the Old Continent.

The journey lasted two years, from the freezing surf of the Nordic regions to the desert sands of Morocco. Sterling decided to embrace "European Surf Journal" after meeting Jack Johnson and watching "September Sessions".

The surf filmmaker wanted to highlight what surf media always end up forgetting: how amazing are waves and surfers in Europe. From the Munich river waves to the big wave surfing days in the Madeira Island, there's plenty of history and action to experience with "European Surf Journal". Watch the trailer.

The film will debut in the Surf At Lisbon (SAL) surf movie festival, in Lisboa, Portugal, to be held between 14th-17th June 2012.

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