ASP Dream Tour 2009

Congratulations to everyone that achieved their goals on the men’s, women’s and longboard tours in either the ASP Dream Tour or ASP WQS events this year.

Special congratulations to King Kelly, Joy Monahan, Bonga Perkins and Stephanie Gilmore on their respective ASP World Titles plus a premature congratulations to the boys and girls winners of the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships to be held in early January 2009.

For the women, the Billabong Pro Maui is yet to be finalized and the 2009 Dream Tour qualifiers will not be completely known until then.

For the men, the ASP Dream Tour 45 are as of now:

TOP 27 Requalifiers
Slater, Kelly USA
Durbidge, Bede AUS
Burrow, Taj AUS
Parkinson, Joel AUS
Hobgood, C.J. USA
Buchan, Adrian AUS
Souza, Adriano de BRA
Fanning, Mick AUS
Martinez, Bobby USA
Flores, Jeremy FRA
Stedman, Luke AUS
Patacchia, Fredrick HAW
Irons, Andy HAW
Ward, Chris USA
Otton, Kai AUS
Reyes, Tim USA
Perrow, Kieren AUS
Whitaker, Tom AUS
Neve, Dayyan AUS
Irons, Bruce HAW
Picon, Michael FRA
Reynolds, Dane USA
Knox, Taylor USA
Hobgood, Damien USA
Alves, Heitor BRA
Smith, Jordy ZAF
Dunn, Ben AUS

Top 15 WQS Qualifiers
Curran, Nathaniel USA
Davidson, Chris AUS
Bourez, Michel PYF
Kling, Gabe USA
Khodr, Jihad BRA
Weare, David ZAF
Kerr, Josh AUS
Muscroft, Nic AUS
Bacalso, Kekoa HAW
Emslie, Greg ZAF
Boal, Tim FRA
Barca, Dustin HAW
Pires, Tiago PRT
MacDonald, Phillip AUS
Courtney, Drew AUS

ASP Wildcards
Morrison, Dean AUS
Aranburu, Aritz EUK
Lipke, Marlon DEU

However, there is still the undecided question of both the Irons brothers. Will Bruce retire and will Andy take a year off? If so, then the lucky replacements could be Roy Powers, Mick Campbell or Pat Guduaskas.

Until our ASP World Tour manager Renato Hickel gets the official retirement letters the Top 45 are as above.

Source: ASP

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