Andy Warhol by Tim Bessel: Pop Art surfboards

Tim Bessell has developed a limited edition of surfboards inspired by the artwork of Andy Warhol, the pioneer of Pop Art.

The "Artist Series" by Tim Bessell combine graphics inspired by famous artists with Tim's most popular surfboard shapes. The first set of exclusive surfboards was shaped in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation.

The first boards were on exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Each surf sculpture can be bought if you're willing to pay between $5,600$ and $8,000 dollars.

Bessell has more than 30 years of experience as a surfboard shaper. In 1967, Tim was only 10 years old and lived right next to Andy Warhol, in La Jolla, California.

He learned Warhol's work through his mother, a professional artist. Recently, Tim saw a set of Warhol-inspired skateboards on sale and decided to ignite his surfboard project.

Interestingly, in 1968, Andy Warhol directed a surf movie inspired by Californian surfing. "San Diego Surf" is a 90-minute film shot in La Jolla, which features colorful and hilarious pop artwork. Discover more about Andy Warhol's surf film.

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