Swen Zaugg: young and champion

Swen Zaugg and Rachel Bonhote have been crowned the 2012 Swiss Surfing champions, at Zarautz Beach.

Swiss don't have ocean waves, so the national surfers traveled to the Basque Country to get contestable rides. Twenty one male surfers and a record breaking 15 female riders competed at the 15th Swiss Surfing Championships.

The first day of competition saw the Swiss surfers competing in challenging conditions. Nevertheless, great skills were seen from both the Open Men's and Open Women's divisions.

The final day of competition saw Geneva-based Rachel Bonhote dominating the 25-minute final and taking out the Open Women's title. Daniela Cramer placed second, Julie De Smet claimed third and Anne Bonhote secured forth place.

The Open Men's division was hotly contested with seventeen-year-old Swen Zaugg taking the win ahead of Martin Müller, Philip Mappes and Matthieu Honegger.

Having just competed in the ISA European Junior Championships, in Lacanau, Swen surfed a marathon of seven heats in challenging two-meter conditions to convincingly take out the final.

15th Swiss Surfing Championships Open Men:

1. Swen Zaugg
2. Martin Mueller
3. Philip Mappes
4. Matthieu Honegger
5. Luca Carlisle

15th Swiss Surfing Championships Open Women:

1. Rachel Bonhote
2. Daniela Cramer
3. Julie De Smet
4. Anne Bonhote
5. Vanja Pukaski

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