Athletes of the Year 2012: Dane Reynolds, Lewis Crathern, Andre Paskowski and Sammy Morretino has announced the best wave riders of the year 2012.

They have been inspiring our lives and our wave sports.
They are talented and brought the spirit of Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Bodyboarding to the surface of our oceans.
Their time is now.

The "Athletes of the Year 2012" by are:

Dane Reynolds


Dane Reynolds

The world's best surfers always highlight Dane Reynolds as their inspiration to keep breaking the frontiers of wave riding. Younger generations have also read the impressive book of style, written by the quiet surfer from Ventura, California. After a brief pause, Reynolds returned to the pro surfing scene in great style and with impossible turns.

Lewis Crathern


Lewis Crathern

The man who kite jumped the Worthing and Brighton piers is more than just a passionate kitesurfer. Crathern is building an alternative career, away from the classic professional tour. He picks a few challenging events and wins them. Meanwhile, he is building his own personal brand and even has time to promote kiteboarding in the schools of his country.


Andre Paskowski


Andre Paskowski

Andre Paskowski is an inspiration. In and out of the water, the German windsurfer has been one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport. Paskowski is an incredible freestyler and an outstanding film director. Windsurf filmmaking has his name one. While fighting courageously against cancer, Andre Paskowski manages to build the profile of the complete windsurfer and man.


Sammy Morretino


Sammy Morretino

The bodyboarding world has its eye on this young rider. Sammy Morretino has what it takes to be the next Mike Stewart. After claiming the 2012 Science Bodyboard Hawaii Regional Tour, Morretino kept surprising the world. He won three divisions of the US Open of Bodyboarding and took out the Sandy Beach Pro, against Jeff Hubbard.


Congratulations to the winners of SurferToday's "Athletes of the Year 2012"!

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