Discovering Mavericks: this is not Hollywood

"Discovering Mavericks" is the ultimate surf documentary about Half Moon Bay's iconic surf spot. Expect blasting rides with the real stars Jeff Clark, Peter Mel, Flea Virostko, Shane Dorian, Mark Foo, Jay Moriarty and more.

"Discovering Mavericks" is the real deal. Forget stunt surfer and CGI footage. Filmmaker Joshua Pomer wanted to tell the story of Mavericks with the surfers that have actually surfed it.

The largest wave California has ever produced was discovered and surfed by Jeff Clark, in the 1970s. The film unveils three decades of images and footage, from the perspective of the legends who lived and died at this iconic West Coast monster wave.

"If you want to ride the ultimate wave, you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price", once said Mark Foo. In 1994, he paid the hardest bill, at Mavericks. Life as a wave.

"Discovering Mavericks" will premiere on the 1st February 2013, at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, in California. Prepare to watch the biggest waves of the lives of Jeff Clark, Peter Mel, Flea, Brock Little, Zack Wormhaut, Shane Dorian, Nick Lamb, Mark Foo, Jay Moriarty and many more.

The film also features the power that many great white sharks have in the waters of the region. Shark attacks are quite frequent and "Discovering Mavericks" explains why danger is a constant enemy.

Watch the trailer for "Discovering Mavericks".

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