Jack Beresford: flying to victory | Photo: Amanda Taylor

Jack Beresford has reconquered the Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles, at Huntington Beach, California. It's his fourth kneeboarding trophy.

The 10th edition of the Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles saw Jack Beresford taking on former US champion Bill Lerner, first-time Open finalist Sam Coyne and Huntington standout Pat Evans.

Up to 60 riders competed in summer-like weather, chest-high peaks and Santa Ana conditions on the south side of Huntington Pier. The San Diego kneeboarder was, once again, unstoppable.

Chris Linn, from Laguna Niguel, claimed the Junior title and surfed into the semifinals of the Open. Surfing his first kneeboard contest, Tony Bartovich of Huntington Beach finished second in the Juniors and also made the quarter-finals of the main event.

Kathy Yturralde of Huntington Beach successfully defended her Women's division title with an outstanding performance, including a nine-point double barrel that had the crowd on the beach cheering.

Cynthia Wornham finished second, Jan Fadden was third and Linda Reuter finished fourth. Mark Robertson and Steve Randall won the AAA and AA divisions respectively.

Results of the 10th Annual Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles:

1. Jack Beresford
2. Bill Lerner
3. Sam Coyne
4. Pat Evans

1 Kathy Yturralde
2. Cynthia Wornham
3. Jan Fadden
4. Linda Reuter

1. Chris Linn
2. Tony Bartovich
3. Shayne Dimick
4. Kai Jennsen
5. Evan Odom

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