Jamie O'Brien: changing ideas at 10-foot Pipeline

Jamie O'Brien has decided to challenge himself, again, by pulling a board-transfer with a soft-top, in 10-foot Pipeline.

This is not the first time Jamie wakes up in the morning with something completely different in mind. Months ago, the Pipeline Master completed a board-transfer, on a Backdoor right-hander.

Now, Jamie O'Brien paddled into a perfect left-hander and waited for what Nature had for him, at Second Reef Pipe.

"I was on a 7' soft-top. As I started bottom turning, I knew it was time. Right as I stepped off, it went flat bottom and there was so much water sucking off the reef", explains O'Brien.

"I still thought I could make it. It started sucking me high and I was waiting for it to release me, because it was perfect. It was almost a dream wave, then almost turned into a nightmare", he told media.

Jamie O'Brien loves foam surfboards for beginners. What will he invent next? Air-dropping from an helicopter into a 10-foot barrel? With JOB, you never know. Watch how he completes the board-transfer at 1m35s.

In surfing, full rotations are relatively rare. However, when performed correctly, they often leave an exclamation mark on the wave. Learn how to pull off the frontside reverse 360.

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