Porto: sun, waves, movies and nightlife

The city of Port wine, football and trendy nightlife is debuting the first edition of the Porto Surf Film Festival, between 29th-31st March 2013.

The Porto Surf Film Festival will screen ten of the best surf movies ever produced and looks forward to attract surfers and cinema fans, from all the Iberian Peninsula.

"Porto is the biggest surf city in Portugal. You can catch a bus or a metro and go surfing. We have a strong and passionate surf community that will certainly love to see quality surf cinema on the big screen", explains Carlos Rui Ribeiro, co-founder of the Porto Surf Film Festival.

True classics and modern perspectives. The new surf film festival wants to display a wide range of movies, with surf-only footage but also ideas, cultures and explorations.

"The Porto Surf Film Festival is designed for the surfers and for those who never rode a wave. That is our challenge. It's important to prove that surf movies are more than a collection of waves, stars and surfboards", adds Carlos Rui Ribeiro.

The official program includes "One Winter Story", "The Endless Summer II", "Singlefin: Yellow", "Thicker Than Water", "Finnsurf", "Sea Fever", "The Lost Wave", "Castles In The Sky", "A Brokedown Melody" and "Surfing With the Enemy".

Porto has been considered the best European destination. The historical city is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and offers incredible attractions and nightlife.

The Porto Surf Film Festival is curated by SurferToday.com. All movies will be screened at the Auditorio Almeida Garrett, in Palacio de Cristal, in the center of Porto. Tickets can be bought at the official website.

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