Bill and Bob Meistrell: at Body Glove you only get younger

Body Glove is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The brand founded by Bill and Bob Meistrell claims the design of the first practical wetsuit, in 1953.

Body Glove has always been a surfing and diving company. Back in 1953, the twin brothers needed to find a way to combat California's cold water. They tried everything, from wartime electrically heated flyers' suits to wool sweaters that lasted only as long as they were dry.

Fortunately, in 1953, they discovered an insulating material used in the back of refrigerators. That is neoprene. Sixty years later, Body Glove is a waterman firm, with a passion for water and sports.

Bill and Bob Meistrell started their business life with Dive N' Surf, the world's first and oldest dive and surf shop. In 1957, they were first to customize wetsuits for the Navy and military, as well as the LA Police Department, LA Lifeguards, medical, dental and electronic industries.

In the 1960s, Body Glove is the first to use the Kossick stripe on a wetsuit and tries painting the neoprene to add color. In the 1970s, they invented different zips across the back, front, dual shoulder zips and colored neoprene.

In 2001, Body Glove invents the first water repellent wetsuit and by 2007 Bob and Bill Meistrell are inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame, in Huntington Beach.

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