Didier Piter: learn to complete vertical air drops

Didier Piter has launched a online surf coaching program to help surfers improve their skills and launch them into the professional arena.

Piter is one of the most recognized surfers in France and in the Old Continent. With five European surfing titles and 14 consecutive years in the national French team, he lived the life of a pro surfer.

After tasting a WCT wildcard and retiring from the international circuit, Didier Piter worked at Gotcha, Quiksilver and Volcom. Now, he's following the passion of coaching with his own surf company.

"I've built experience over the last thirteen years coaching and this clearly is what I'm passionate about. Plus to be honest it works very well, you know progression is pretty much infinite in surfing, you can always fine tune and learn new things", explains Piter.

"I love coaching at the elite level because I know how important technique is in performance surfing, but I'm also happy to offer my knowledge to surfers with a lesser level but the same desire to improve", he adds.

Now, Didier trains surfers, online and offline, working with video and personal guidance like, for example, with William Aliotti, Charly Quivront and Andy Criere.

"I work in groups of four surfers maximum because I feel that with more than four it gets difficult to observe everyone well enough. I'm going to receive and work on videos sent by people and then work with them live to discuss their situation. I know it exists within some teams, but not with the graphics and annotations I'm able to provide", Piter underlines.

Interestingly, live coaching is getting popular with thirty year-olds that simply want to take their surfing skills to the next level.

Improve your surfing skills with a surf coach and learn the best advanced surfing tips and techniques.

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