Volcom Pipe Pro: green surf event

Volcom is focusing on greener surf events and sustainable positioning in the surf industry. The Volcom Pipe Pro is the second ever Deep Blue Surfing Event.

The Volcom Pipe Pro is an extra special event for the local Hawaiian competitors and a chance for non-World Tour surfers to gain entry into the prestigious Pipe Masters.

Also making this event special for the island of Oahu, is the sustainable approach that the company takes each year in planning and running the event.

To ensure that the contest adhered to its principles, Volcom teamed up with SustainableSurf.org, TR3EES and others to manage the event's impacts and carbon credits with Carbonfund.org were purchased to offset the calculated emissions making the event carbon-free.

Filmmaker Nathan Peracciny captured the green side of the olcom Pipe Pro, from the locally sourced food, and the bio-diesel run generators to the bokashi system for composting food scraps.

"Volcom Pipe Pro 2013: Sustainable By Design" explores the workings underneath the building of a more sustainable surf event.

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