Brian Wilson: arrested for failing to surf

In 1976, Brian Wilson, the mastermind behind The Beach Boys, was "arrested" by the Highway Patrol Surf Squad for "failing to surf and neglecting the use of state beach for surfing purposes".

When two policemen - John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd - enter Brian Wilson's house, they are men on a mission. Despite the initial refusal to go surfing, the chief songwriter of The Beach Boys is forced to hit the waves.

"Surfing? I don't wanna go surfing. Look guys, I'm not going to get my hair wet", says Wilson, before he is taken to the beach in a police car, equipped with racks and a surfboard on top.

When Brian Wilson enters the water, it is clear we was born for surfing. The paddle out is perfect and the duck diving technique should be taught in surf schools.

Wilson, the beach boy model, goes for the waves by paddling with the surfboard tail above his head. Incredible skills shown. Alright, the truth is that Dennis Wilson was the only surfer in The Beach Boys.

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