Laurie Towner: staying low, getting high

Can surfers get bored of powerful and deadly waves because they're riding them for three consecutive days? Down at "The End of the Road", the big wave surfing hysteria keeps rolling. After all, it's Teahupoo isn't it?

Reef McIntosh confirms the theory of Teahupoo waves as freight trains, at full speed. He may have conquered the title of fastest tube rider of the French Polynesian islands. This thing called Teahupoo it's been pumping. Day one, day two and now chapter three.

Kohl Christensen, a passionate farmer, enjoys planting some wave seeds in Tahiti to let them grow and, if possible, to get literally inside them. The tall Hawaiian goofy-footer is always where big waves are pumping.

Billy Kemper, representing the "unnatural" regular-footer club at the Teahupoo big wave challenge, lets his power and rail management skills prove that "The End of the Road" is for everyone... with skills.

In the third day of the giant swell extravaganza, there were dangerous wipeouts, too. Mark Healey, Wade Goodall, Peter Mel, Koa Rothman, Dean Morrison and Laurie Towner kept running away from the mist and the spray coming out of the pipe.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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