Zoltan Torkos: living the magical side of surfing

Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos has been training hard. His surfing mission has reached new heights. But, has the surf trickster completed the long-awaited "Above and Off the Lip" kickflip maneuver?

He who tries shall succeed. Zoltan Torkos, the surf wizard with Hungarian roots who lives in Santa Cruz, has been training impossible, odd and hard tricks for many years. The kickflip, the Darkslide and the Fingerflip Spongeboard Transfer made him notorious.

In 2011, Volcom decided to pay $20,000 to the first surfer that could land a proper kickflip, while surfing. "By proper, we mean an 'above and off the lip' kickflip, where first you bottom turn, launch an air, use your front foot to flip the board, and then land on it and ride out cleanly", the surf company wrote.

"No chop hops, backwash, fingerflips, grabs or laybacks. Just a proper kickflip". Now, Torkos claims to have pulled by following all Volcom's rules and guidelines.

The footage of the "Above and Off The Lip" kickflip was captured on the 16th May 2013, in Santa Cruz, California. What do you think? Has Zoltan Torkos pulled it?

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