Laird StandUp: SUPer models by Hamilton

Laird Hamilton has launched his signature stand-up paddle boards. The new Laird StandUp brand is hitting the market with its first line of planks.

The world's most famous waterman promises a new line of SUP boards for all levels of paddlers, while exceeding all expectations for stability and performance. Laird Hamilton never misses an opportunity and his new brand is state-of-the art.

"I've been involved with stand-up since its conception. I've been building boards but involved on a little bit more of a superficial level. Now I have this opportunity to really have a full spectrum of equipment and focus on my brand", explains the California-born wave rider.

"I've been working on my Laird brand for 25 years and now that this stand-up division is just one of the facets and builds equipment that is reflective of what I know and the relationships I have with board builders, from Bob Pearson to Dave Brewer", he adds.

Laird StandUp models have been built in expanded polystyrene (EPS) with several shifts in carbon and composite, and will be available in the market by June 2013.

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