SANZ Trophy: New Zealand gets surrounded by South African chargers

Team New Zealand has claimed the 2013 SANZ Trophy, at Playa Popoyo on the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast.

The 11th edition of the SANZ Trophy is a clash between the New Zealand and South African junior surfing teams. It is the first time in five years that the Trophy will return to New Zealand.

The fun one-meter waves broke all day and the level of competition between the two rivaling teams was excellent.

Kehu Butler and Jasmine Smith topped off the New Zealand team tally with two wins each. Butler dominated his Under 16 Boys Division heats from start to finish and looks in excellent form heading into the main event.

"It was really fun surfing today in the SANZ. I really enjoyed the contest and meeting the South African team. It was really good to see the level of the South Africans like Dylan Lightfoot", said Kehu Butler, the 13-year-old and youngest surfer in the New Zealand Team.

Dune Kennings landed a huge 360 air in his first heat winning comfortably, Dayna Story won one of her match-ups in the Under 16 Girls Division and Ella Williams also claimed a win in the Under 18 Girls Division.

The format for the contest was four person heats, two from each country. Surfers were awarded ten points for a win, eight points for second, six points for third and four points for fourth. Each surfer competed twice.

2013 SANZ Trophy Results:

South Africa - 166 points
New Zealand - 172 points


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