Junior Gomez: transparent water surfing

Junior Gomez has conquered the Larimar Surfing Championship, at Los Patos Beach, Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Surfers from all over the island representing fifteen different regions of the country participated in the surf contest held by the Dominican Surfing Federation.

Los Patos beach is located in the far southeast of the island, characterized by aquamarine waters, and a unique landscape of mountainous hills and white stone beaches.

From the early hours each day, surfers began competing in each of its categories, showing dominance in the waves, and the passion they have for wave riding.

The competition was attended by over 60 surfers from the areas of Las Terrenas, Nagua, Rio San Juan, Cabarete, Sosua, Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Nizao, Bani and Barahona.

Junior Gomez took the Open Men division, Natalia Olmedo won in the Open Women category and Pascual Silverio conquered the Bodyboarding division.

The Larimar Surfing Championship has a computerized judging system and included a paragliding competition and a fishing contest.

Open Men:
1. Junior Gómez
2. Edwin Felix
3. Mario Viñas
4. Alex Encarnación

Open Women:
1. Natalia Olmedo
2. Vanessa Ramirez

Under 18:
1. Cristian Padilla
2. Claudio Encarnación
3. Alex de la Cruz
4. Derek Gómez

Under 16
1. Jeffrey Felix
2. Nicolas de la Cruz
3. Ismael Carrasco
4. Gregory Felix

1. Pascual Silverio
2. Martin Pérez
3. Randy Vásquez
4. Dilson de Jesús

Bodyboarding DK:
1. Martin Pérez
2. José Manuel Henriquez
3. Pascual Silverio
4. Randy Vásquez


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