9 Minutes on the North Shore with Gabriel Medina

March 14, 2012 | Surfing
Gabriel Medina: certain things inspire him

Gabriel Medina has enjoyed a great Hawaiian season. The Brazilian trickster spent many days trying many moves.

Medina played his surf show in the line-up and everybody wanted to watch him. Impossible floaters, frontside airs, backside airs, Superman, front and backside air reverses, rodeos and even a 720 attempt.

The girls were there to inspire him. What is not doable for the new Brazilian surfing sensation?

"Gabriel Medina - 9 Minutes on the North Shore" is a very poetic portrait of a surfer who knows he has strong chances of becoming a world champion. His fluid surf skills combined with a clear real-time reading of each wave proves he can surely claim the title.

While the path to a world surfing crown is a long way, Gabriel Medina tells everybody he will definitely be driving the main car in the best water routes.

Watch him dominating small-to-big Hawaiian wave faces.

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