Craig Hughes: a legend in New Zealand

Craig Hughes, one of the most important surfboard shapers in New Zealand, has passed away at 58.

He had more than 40 years of experience making surfboards. Craig Hughes shaped his first stick when he was only 14. Then, he founded Wave Graffiti and took it to Europe.

Returning to New Zealand, in 1980, the blue-eyed surfer established himself with the Raglan Surf Co., the largest surf shop in the country today.

He shaped for Town & Country, while designing his own boards for customers who knew his reputation of master craftsman.

Time would see Craig focusing exclusively on his own brand, Hughes. Sons Nat and Luke started shaping with his father and helping him with the family business.

"I've been involved in this industry for a long time and I'm probably getting to the end of it but it would be nice to see kids getting the opportunity to get involved in a manufacturing industry like that", Craig once told.

Hughes had been fighting cancer for a long time. He now rests in peace and is survived by his wife Liz and children Luke, Nathan and Ariel.

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