Jack McCoy: underwater explorer

Surf filmmaker Jack McCoy will be inducted into the Surfing Walk Of Fame, in Huntington Beach, California.

Known for his prestigious surf movies, McCoy's film collection includes "Tubular Swells" (1976), "Bunyip Dreaming" (1990), "The Green Iguana" (1992), "The Sons of Fun" (1993), "The Occumentary" (1998), "Sabotaj" (1998), "Blue Horizon" (2004), "Free as a Dog" (2006) and his latest "A Deeper Shade of Blue" (2012), among others.

Jack McCoy Jr. is an internationally recognized surfing photographer, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer, and has been filming the global surfing scene for some 35 years.

Hew grew up in Hawaii on the windward side of Oahu in Kailua. His father Jack McCoy Sr., pushed his 8-year-old son on his first wave at Waikiki Beach, beginning Jack's lifelong love of the ocean.

When he was 12, Jack saw a Bruce Brown surfing film at the Kailua High School Auditorium. It captured his imagination, and inspired passion to create his life's work. Jack put up posters for surfing films coming to his town, including early surfing films by Bruce Brown, Bud Browne, and MacGillivray/Freeman Films.

Jack was privileged to meet Bud Browne, the pioneer water and underwater photographer, whose work he emulated and continues to expand on with new angles and technology. McCoy now resides in Australia.

The 20th year of the Surfing Walk Of Fame highlights people within the surfing lifestyle and culture who have made their mark in their career. Jack McCoy will be a Surf Culture Inductee for 2013.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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