Trace: measure your wave skills and share with your friends

Trace, a device that makes action sports measurable, sharable and comparable, will be available for surfers.

With 9-axis sensors, advanced multi-Hz GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and its own processor, Trace is a small device that measures a huge amount of events and tricks surfers perform in the water.

Riders can then compare and share those metrics with leaderboards and their networks via social media. Trace has more than seven hours of battery life and is durable, shockproof and waterproof.

Trace will identify beach location, waves caught, speed, airs, turns and more. From the moment the surfer paddles out, Trace is collecting data. Every time a surfer catches a wave, Trace calculates max speed, average speed and length of wave in both time and distance.

If a surfer boosts an air, Trace measures how high they got, how long they were in the air and distance traveled. Surfers can use the explore function before they hit the beach to see where other surfers are logging the best rides.

Trace comes with the SurfReplay app. Attaching and activating it is easy: the mount is attached to any surfboard. Trace slides in the mount. The athlete pushes a button and starts surfing.

The SurfReplay is seeking funds through Kickstarter. Support it and enter the new surfing revolution.


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