Nic Von Rupp: Portuguese surfing explorer

Nic Von Rupp has nailed the first Pawa Tube Fest, in Pascuales, Mexico.

The Portuguese surfer has showed an amazing overall performance and defeated some of the worlds best tube riders to claim the inaugural Pawa Tube Fest.

"It has been a really tough week and I am so stoked to come out as the winner. Coming here to surf one of the best waves in the world with some of the best tube riders has been an amazing experience", says Nic Von Rupp.

The Pawa Tube Fest presents a new and innovative contest format in which the final results are accumulated from the athlete's overall heat performances.

"It's really difficult to forecast Pascuales. This wave is under the influence of so many elements and factors that it becomes very hard to predict", explains says Carlos Hernandez, contest director.

The final heat delivered some of the greatest tube rides of the event with Gabriel Villaran opening up with a 7.83 and with a quick second wave score of 7.0 points.

Diego Silva picked the best left of the final with a highest single wave score of 8.83. On the very next set Nathan Hedge and Nic Von Rupp split the peak with Nathan scoring a 7.3 on the right and Nic scoring a 8.33 on the left.

Nic closed the final with a solid backside tube to score a 8.03 and clinch the Pawa Tube Fest.

Pawa Tube Fest Final:

1. Nic Von Rupp (PT)
2. Gabriel Villaran (PER)
3. Diego Silva (BRA)
4. Nathan Hedge (AUS)
5. Brian Conley (CA)
6. Nils Schweizer (FLO)

Best Tube of the Event: Diego Silva

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