Spirit of Akasha: 40 years after Morning Of The Earth

"Spirit of Akasha", the new film and soundtrack by Albert Falzon and Andrew Kidman, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic surf movie "Morning Of The Earth".

When Albert Falzon finished "Morning Of The Earth", in 1971, he didn't know that his film was about to enter the instant classic gallery of surfing movies.

"The title Morning of the Earth originated from Bali, when we went there for the first time in the early 1970s to explore Bali's culture and surf possibilities", explains Falzon.

"The island was so incredibly beautiful that India's visiting Prime Minister called it 'the morning of the world'", he adds.

Meanwhile, times have changed. The internet, the mobile phones, surfboard design and materials, surf gadgets, there's a new world out there. Yet, waves are still waves.

"Riding a wave is the magnetic attraction that keeps up linked to other worlds. I am that, and that is the 'Spirit of Akasha'", underlines Albert Fazon.

Australia, Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, Mexico and Ireland are visited, while the soundtrack is careful picked to enlighten "Spirit of Akasha". Tom and his daughter Lee-Anne Curren are in it.

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