Rio Bodyboarding International 2013: waves are getting bigger

Swell is building at the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Increased wave size with more power gave riders an improved arena to perform in.

Starting things off for the morning was Round 2 of the Men's GQS. Out of the 16 riders advancing to the next round, the eight heat winners were Brazilians Bryan Souza, David Barbosa, Ailton Neto, Daniel Gustavo, Adejaldo Silva, Luis Cezar, trialist Rafael Cerutti, and Luis Villar.

Competition continued with Round 3 of the Men's GQS. Among those advancing through to round four were heat winners Israel Salas, Adriano Minguta, Diego Estavao, Daniel Gustavo, Israel Eduardo, Luis Cezar, and Lucio Santana from Brazil along with Reinaldo Bellorin from Venezuela.

Then the Women's Grand Slam division hit the water with Round 2. Advancing through were Marilene Fernandez, Patricia Setubal, Joselane Amorim, Paloma Freyggan, Jessica Becker, Gabriela Gouveia, Paola Simao and Coryna Reyes.

Finishing out the day's full schedule was Round Four of the Men's GQS. Among the competitors advancing on, the heat winners were Joao Gabriel, Adriano Minguta, Diego Estavao, Leonardo Costa, Israel Eduardo, Reda Benhima and Gabriel Brantes.

After nine hours and 27 heats, competition was called off and heat eight postponed due to fading visibility.


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