Now Now: where's Jordy?

"Now Now" is less about the editor's artistic impression, and more about the inventive wave rider that is Jordy Smith.

The new movie featuring the South African surfing jewel is a collage of moments tagged and bagged during the first six months of 2013.

Filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy's batteries charged and allowed us the pleasure of "Now Now": "I just want to go surf. That's what I want to do."

"This movie kinda just happened, I wasn't really expecting to drop another movie so soon after 'Bending Colours', then I did a few trips down to Mozambique to test boards and get dialed for Snapper and scored some epic waves", explains Smith.

Watching all 6'3" of him hospitalise a beachbreak end section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will steal your breath.

But Jordy doesn't just dance for the judges. 2013's been a year in which he has been showcased in freesurf clips, and "Now Now" is his well-deserved digital extended play.

"Now Now" is released 13th September 2013, on iTunes.

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