Surf City Surf Dog: the coolest canine surfers

The coolest canines in California showed their wave skills, at the 5th annual Surf City Surf Dog competition, held in Huntington Beach.

Haole, Tillman, Abbie Girl, Bentley, Kona Kai and Hanzo/Kalani have taken the top spots in the six K9 surfing divisions.

Surf City Surf Dog participants competed in weight class categories, and were judged on a variety of skills, including the ability to complete the entire ride on the surfboard.

Hanging 20 is not easy, but riding backwards and performing tricks is even harder. The Surf City Surf Dog showed there are new stars in the making.

Boards were equipped with mounted GoPro cameras. Levels of performance are increasing, every year.

"We want to see him having fun with all the other dogs and coming up for a day on the beach," says Tina Walters, owner of Stickers.

Loui has been considered the "Crowd Pleaser", while the Sugar scored the "Best Wipeout".

5th Surf City Surf Dog Results:

1. Haole
2. Hanzo
3. Turbo

1. Tillman
2. Louie
3. Libby

1. Abbie Girl
2. Sugar
3. Beans

1. Bentley
2. Kihei
3. Toby

Kona Kai


Crowd Pleaser:

Best Wipeout:

Best Grom/Newbie:

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