Peter Chops Lascelles: a master shaper | Photo: Martin Stephens

Peter "Chops" Lascelles, Australian surfer, lifeguard and shaper, has passed away at 60, after suffering an heart attack.

Lascelles had a complete surfing life. In the 1960s, the Queensland wave rider impressed by taking down big names in surf contests.

Later, in the 1970s, he moved to St. Agnes, in Cornwall, England, where he kept winning titles in both shortboard and longboard, in many age categories.

"Chops" also developed great surfboard shaping skills and produced sticks for a large number of surf stars, such as Nat Young, Mickey Dora, Michael Demont and Ben Skinner.

Peter Lascelles played a crucial role in the development of surfing in England. He boosted the British surfing team and became an inspiration to the youngest generations.

"There's a time to ride a longboard and have fun and there's a time to ride a shortboard and charge. My shaping influences are varied and come from such great shapers as Darrell Dell, Kingsley Kernovske, Nev Hymen and Alan Byrne to name a few of those I've worked with", Lascelles once wrote.

The Australian-English surfer loved good food and fine wine. Beachbeat Surfboards, his own surfboard shaping business, will miss him forever.

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