Hawaii: the winter surfing season is open for business

The 2013/2014 surfing season is officially open, as Maui and the North Shore of Oahu provide epic waves for the usual suspects.

Shane Dorian, Jamie O'Brien and John John Florence have surfed the first winter waves of the Hawaiian Islands, in Jaws, Pipeline and Haleiwa.

On the 13th November, Dorian paddled out with the early morning light, as 40-70 foot waves crossed the horizon. Ian Walsh, Greg Long, Mark Healey, Tyler Larronde, Ahanu Tson-Dru joined the party.

Meanwhile, the Oahu's North Shore mixed grey skies, rainy hours and sunny rides, as Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence, Derek Ho, Kalani Chapman, Zeke Lau and friends score the first barrels of the winter, in the Seven Mile Miracle.

Guns were everywhere, and huge crowds returned to the world's famous line-ups for fame, glory and personal achievement. It seems like colored surfboards are in fashion, these days.

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