Cave Surfing: welcome to the Green Room

It may be considered the Eighth Natural Wonder of the World. Welcome to the surf cave, a secret spot literally surrounded by rocks.

When surfers believe to have unveiled all surf spots of the world's continents, there's always another one ready to be discovered. This time, we bring you an exclusive surfing experience.

A surfer nicknamed Ericsurf6 has ridden a wave that breaks in a cave, somewhere in Japan. The "cave surfing" experience, as he calls it, is short but intense.

Surrounded by steep cliffs, you can actually see two surfers taking off near the cave's entrance, and then riding the wave all the way through to the small rocky beach that lies ahead.

The access to the surf spot is pretty unusual, but the experience looks fun. The new Natural Wonder of the World has been named "Green Room". Find out why.


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