Athletes of the Year 2013: Maya Gabeira, Alex Caizergues, Marcilio Browne and Isabela Sousa has announced the best wave riders of the year 2013.

They have been inspiring our lives and our wave sports.
They are talented and brought the spirit of Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Bodyboarding to the surface of our oceans.
Their time is now.

The "Athletes of the Year 2013" by are:

Maya Gabeira


Maya Gabeira

The Brazilian surfer has been impressing the world with her fearless attitude. Maya has been surfing the biggest waves in the world, and collecting dozens of trophies for her stunts, since 2007. She works hard. The unforgettable 2013 wave rides at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, are only the result of a professional daily training program that Gabeira has embraced with passion.

Alex Caizergues


Alex Caizergues

We knew that Alex Caizergues is one of the fastest kiteboarders on Planet Earth. Now, he's the fastest. The French rider also wanted to prove France had potential for speed sailing. While the international stars where trying to break Rob Douglas' mark at Luderitz, Namibia, Caizergues and his team broke the world kiteboarding speed record (56.62 knots) in the newly-discovered wind spot of Salin-de-Giraud.

Marcilio Browne


Marcilio Browne

Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne rides waves like a new school surfer. The only difference is that his aerial moves get much higher than those performed by "standard" surfers. Combining freestyle knowledge with outstanding wave riding skills, Browne is getting windsurfing back into the mainstream arena. The 2013 PWA Wave World Tour champion is just warming up.

Isabela Sousa


Isabela Sousa

Isabela Sousa is always smiling. She smiles, not only because she's been a winner in the past 10 years, but also because she loves competitive bodyboarding. Three world titles and a bright future ahead. The Brazilian wave rider is en route to becoming the best female bodyboarder in the history of the sport.

Congratulations to the winners of SurferToday's "Athletes of the Year 2013"!

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August 3, 2016, was a day that surfers should never forget. For the first time in its long history, surfing was confirmed in the Olympic Games.

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