Surf boots, gloves and hoods: get warm in the waves

Surfers need to get warm in winter days. Protecting from the cold means getting quality surf boots, gloves and hoods. Do you want to feel really comfortable in the icy waves?

Surfing in cool to cold water has never been easy, but it's far from being impossible. In the last couple of decades, surf science has evolved and improved comfort in chilly waves. When the water temperatures go below 50°F (10°C), you should really invest in high-end booties, gloves and hoodies.

Surf boots are a great invention. Keeping your feet warm is crucial, but you must pick a model that will not cut off blood circulation. Tight, but not too much.

The Rip Curl Rubber Soul Plus 5mm Boots are dipped in liquid neoprene, creating the ultimate in seam sealing technology. Expect more warmth, durability, and flexibility.

The Hyperflex AMP Split Toe Boots are designed and built to be simple, yet effective, in warm to cold water conditions.

The O'Neill Heat Round Toe Boots are glued, blind-stitched, and taped over the glue on the inside. Its round toe design will attract many surfers.

The Xcel Drylock Split Toe Boots offer water-repellent lining, and a pull tab for easy on and off.

Surf gloves will keep your paddling warms ready for the next freezing wave. Fingers are always in contact with the cold water, so thick gloves are an essential winter surfing gear.

The O'Neill Psycho 1.5mm Double Line Glove are made of 100% sealed ultraflex neoprene, with a tacky grip palm for optimum performance, warmth and grip.

The Rip Curl Flash Bomb 5/3 Finger Gloves keep your digits warm, while you paddle through the cold foam all day long.

The Hyperflex Access Series 5mm Gloves have sealed seams for maximum warmth. The Hexgrip Palm provides positive traction on surfboards.

Surf hoods will keep your brain active and warm, while protecting ears from exostosis. Hoodies also block cold winds from touching and damaging your skin.

The Rip Curl Flash Bomb 3mm Hood fits perfectly and offers an internal neck gasket.

The Body Glove Vapor Hood 3mm is anatomically cut with vaporflex panels, thermofiber interior and fair-skin visor.

The O'Neill Coldwater Hood 3mm is glued and blind-stitched for optimal protection, offers a wind resistant smooth skin exterior, complemented by a thermo layer interior.

The surf boots, gloves and hoods review has been updated on the February 1, 2018.


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